Welcome to US Collegiate Archery's Archer Management System (USCA AMS.)

The AMS allows registration for:
  • Club Membership
  • Individual membership for Athlete and Coaches
  • Submitting Eligibility in order to compete
  • $40 Individual Membership
  • $90 Club Membership (includes two coach registrations)
  • $45 New Club (discount for first year)
  • $10 Supporting Membership
  • $10 Additional Club recognized Coaches (not personal coaches)

Club Membership: Required in order to have individual membership. Club renewals are due by 1 February each year. USCA does not pro-rate Club membership. Clubs must have a general email address such as TritonArchers@ucsd.edu or AnteaterArchers@gmail.com.

There is a moratorium for registering new clubs between 15 Feb-31 May each year.

The Club Representative may be any person who is a USCA member and has club affiliation (i.e., Club President, Coach, Team member.)

Individual Membership: Required to compete and for Club Representative. Accurate Email address is required and will be added to the monthly USCA Enewsletter.

Eligibility: Read the USCA Rules and Procedures Handbook.

After all competitive team members have submitted eligibility for each competitive session (1 Aug-31 Dec & 1 Jan- 31 July), the Club Representative must print out the eligibility form, get it signed by the Athletic Director or University registrar and send it to USCA at the address on the form at least 15 days prior to the first competition.

Clubs can add athletes to the roster at any time. After adding new members make sure the Club Rep. resubmits the form to the University registrar and sends the hardcopy to the Membership Manager before the 15 day deadline.

Supporting Membership: For non-USCA archers who may compete in ‘Guest Division’ and or for USCA Judges who are not USCA members in another category.

For more information on Membership Benefits and Insurance provided by USCA, visit the USCA website.

Questions? Contact the Membership Manager at membership@uscamail.com.